Barcelona, September 2020 and May 2021


The third edition of the Congress will be held in recognition of the lifetime achievement of Mariá Paz Aguiló Alonso, a leading specialist in Spanish furniture studies.

The Congress will be hosted in English as well as in Spanish/Portuguese, opening the bi-annual Congress up to a more international audience for the first time.

Over 31 leading specialists, academics and historians have been invited to present new research and ‘connections’ at the 2020 Congress.

The 2020 Congress will be held in collaboration with the GRACMON group
at the University of Barcelona, Museu del Modernisme Catalán y Instituto Amatller de Arte Hispánico.

Se realizará un esfuerzo especial en la difusión del congreso a nivel internacional

Research, findings and presentations of the 2020 Congress will be published and made publicly available through the University of Oviedo

One afternoon will be hosted at the private home and museum-quality collection of
the renowned Ramón Pla Armengol Foundation.